Hello hello helloooooo! It’s Yoyo, how are all my girls doing? It’s time to talk about RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE. I’m a bit ashamed that I have YET to dedicate a post to the most FABULOUS show serving shade since 2009! Like HOW is that ok!?!

I obsessively watch every single season and I go the extra mile AKA I also watch “Untucked,” a show dedicated to all the behind the scenes footage YASSSS. The show is hilarious, fierce and SHADY AS HELL ! But more than anything I find I’m always in AWE of the kweens on the show. Their insane costume creation skills, their out-of-this world AESTHETICS, and their unbelievable contouring skills! LIKE DAMN GIRL, HOW!?! At the end of every episode I remind myself that I need to UP my wig game BIG TIME! Ya know what they say? The higher the wig the closer to God 😉 And when RuPaul walks the runway I’m in a complete trance!! COVERGIRL! PUT. THE. BASS. IN.YOUR WALK!

We’re about halfway through Season 9 and I am LIVINGGGG FOR IT!!! This show is MAD inspiring! There are moments where the kweens get real and I find myself sitting on my couch BAWLING over the straight realness. A lot of these kweens have gone through some serious hardships, they’ve been pushed off to the side, ignored, beaten down (sometimes literally) and yet HERE THEY ARE! BOLD and GLAM AF! It’s CONTAGIOUS! Gimme some of that drag queen mojo! PLEASE!

But what I love the MOST about this show is that humour shines through every moment. The kweens never take themselves too seriously and GOD I lurv that! Don’t get me wrong, there’s def some intense SHADE between the kweens from time to time, I mean after all they ARE competitors. But I find that these kweens are fiercely authentic men who fight everyday to break outdated social “norms”, increase inclusivity and SPREAD THE LOVE!  

And as RuPual says, “IF you can’t love yourself, how the HELL you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an AMEN!?!”  

XOXO – YoYo  

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