Namaste Girlies! I hope everyone had a SUPER mellow and loving Thanksgiving!! My fam likes to keep things pretty low-key on Thanksgiving so that we can focus on each other and be thankful for ALL that we have, which I LURV!

BUT Thanksgiving is officially OVER which meaaaannnsss…..IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME GIRLIES! YAS YAS YAS! The most WONDERFUL time of the YEAR! Christmas is in the AIR and I think EVERYONE can feel it!! It’s OBVS my FAV holiday because I think the whole world just gets into the giving spirit and wanting to help each other out. We could definitely use more of that in our lives right about now…and it ALL starts with the TREE!! SOOO, OBVI I dragged my family out to get our CHRISTMAS TREE today! I know, I know…it’s not even December yet but I like to get this party started ASAP.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I LURV having a tree in the house! I would get TWENTY Christmas trees for our house if I could! Just a little mini-indoor forest…can you imagine!? Owl would go absolutely CRAZY for it and it would smell INCREDIBLE. #DREAMZ. It’s our family tradition every year to go pick out a Christmas tree together! We go to this ADORBZ family farm out in the middle of nowhere that serves the BEST apple cider! YUM! I am SO obsessed with this place because we get to cut down our own tree! We’ve been going for years and it’s so awesome to see the little trees grow up into great HUGE ones that get to go home with a family and brighten up their home! PLUS this place has CHICKENS! Christmas CHICKENS! LOL. My Mom is just a TINY BIT afraid of them so it’s ALWAYS a riot to see her running away from the little guys!

I think it’s really important to have family traditions, something you can pass down to your own kids that is special to you and your family! It’s just one more piece of happiness that you get to share with the people you love, and that is WONDERFUL! That’s what the season is ALL ABOUT! What are some of your family traditions? We wanna KNOW! XOXO – Victoria