Hello hello girlies!! It’s ADI here! It is getting C O L D out there!!! Now I live in Chicago and things get ROUGH what with the wind and all, but I still LURV this kind of weather! The gloves, the coats, the hats! IDK what it is but when I rush down the street all buttoned up, the snow swirling in the wind, it feels SUPER cinematic!! 

The only downside is what the weather does to my SKIN! I have SUPER dry skin and eczema and it can be really hard to manage during the winter! My NUMBER ONE product fighting the dry patches is Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer!

Seriously this product is a DREAM! It’s so thick and LUXURIOUS and it smells DELICIOUS! LOL is that weird to say a moisturizer smells delicious?


I DON’T CARE BECAUSE IT DOES! Total skin saver and I HIGHLY recommend it!

The last time I ordered some I also bought BOY BROW.
This product seems to have a CRAZY cult following! People LURV IT and so I obviously HAD to try it out! I have SUPER CRAZY Middle Eastern eyebrows, which sucks because I’m actually super lazy when it comes to doing them up. LUCKILY Boy Brow is the perfect fix, and I can totally understand the hype surrounding it! I got mine in brown and it’s super easy to use! It tames my cray-cray eyebrows and gives them a completely natural look!

PLUS my order came with stickers what WHAAAAAT! 😀

FullSizeRender-3So I guess what I’m saying is that GLOSSIER is amazing and you should all check out their products!! Use our link for 20% off your first order! YAS YAS YAS! http://bff.glossier.com/e0LJ8


What Glossier products do YOU use?! LET US KNOW!

XOXO – Adi