Which StelloGirl are you most like!?!?

Hi! I’m Yoyo 😀 SEEE me there!? Standing on the arrow … with the BRIGHT blue hair? I’m a little hard to miss 😉 YAP that’s me! And these are my STELLOGIRLS <3 We’re a group of girl bloggers. We blog and vlog about EVERYTHINGGGG. Event coverage, DIY’s, poetry and obviii LOTS of teen drama! No matter WHAT we’re writing about-we always channel our GIRL POWER.

You see Justine next to me? She’s a FIERCE chef, she LURVS blogging about FOOOD. Looking for a DOPE recipe!? Her specialty is health foods and French cuisine …. DELISH <3 But she’s also SO down for some CUPCAKES. MMM gurl yas. Looking for a foodie-related event? Or THE HOT new spot for TACOS!? She’s your girl 😀 

Now, if you’re looking for a DEEP poem, you gotta read Adi’s posts- she’s the one rocking that SICK violet hair 😉 She’s also currently struggling to write a novel… she keeps starting new ones, writing LOADS and never finishing them. Before she knows it she gets inspiration for a new direction and BOOM – new novel. Her stuff is AMAZING though and I can’t WAIT to read the one she chooses to publish! High-key EXCITED. She totes HATES public speaking, but does open-mic poetry ONCE A WEEK! It’s inspiring the way she faces her fears <3 

Susana’s the vision in pale pink. She’s the fashionista of the group – she LOVES covering fashion shows. But even MORE than fashion – she’s into making her own music. You can find her dropping some beats in the studio or learning a new routine to showcase at her performances – girl always ROCKS IT. Her songs always have GIRL POWER themes, which I DIG SO MUCH.

Ahhh and there’s Shachi, kicking the L (classic Shachi) – girlll is SICKKKKKENING. She’s is RALLLY focused on her ART, which is mostly composed of CRAY colors and mostly done in spray paint style. She always finds a way to sneak in a hidden message with her pieces 😉 When she’s not painting you can find her at the skate park learning some DOPE new tricks.

Ooh and right next to her is Rachael! Such a cutie <3 Girl is SOOOOO into SCIENCE – she LURVS doing science experiments in her room and gurl is DEDICATED. Once I saw her trying one experiment 60 times IN A ROW until she got it RIGHT. She also HEARTS tech – she’s always building gadgets. She even made her own robot AT HOME, named Pixie. We all love Pixie so much <3 <3 She’s part of the Stello fam 😀 

And there’s Alissa sitting in the O. LURV this girl’s vibes. If you need an inspirational quote – CALL her. She blogs about surfing. She’s MAD talented. She also loves a ton of other sports like soccer and tennis. Liss is super open about her self-image problems in her posts and that’s AWESOME because we ALL feel that way sometimes. When you read her posts about her own issues, it makes you feel like you’re not alone <3 

And last but DEFFF not least – there’s Victoria. The hippie of the group -PEACE and LOVE girls, PEACE and LOVE. Victoria blogs about nature, and likes chilling in her tree house and wandering the forest by her house. She always finds a way to talk about some of her MAJOR passions, like going GREEN and helping animals in need. She’s PRO FAUX FUR and also rocks it HARD. YAS YAS YAS.

So those are MAAA GURLLLS! Aren’t they just FAB!? Check out our FB page for our longer posts or our insta for some fun pics & vids. Pretty soon we’ll have TONS of videos on our Youtube channel so make sure to subscribe so you can watch all the StelloGirls vlog about their passions! And if you want to get to know me – YOYO – you can check me out on my personal Snap Chat channel – my username is Stellogirls. Big kisses from all of us here at STELLOGIRLS to you girlies around the world <3 ROCK LIFE HARD and always, ALWAYS, KEEP IT 100 and be YOU. Do what YOU want and what makes YOU HAPPY! GETTTT IT GURLS <3 OXOXO- StelloGirls