WHAT IS UP GIRLZ! Shachi here! Some of you may have seen the Instagram Stories yesterday of my little trip to the CBS Studios in NYC to watch a taping of Harry Connick Jr.’s talk show, HARRY! It was SO MUCH FUN! I’ve been to a few different tapings and it’s always really fun and interesting to see how the show comes together.

The tickets were FREE, you just have to sign up on his website! This goes for most talk shows in the city, like The Tonight Show. 

I went to the taping with a friend and we had to wake up REALLY EARLY to get to the studio in Hell’s Kitchen at 9am. It was cloudy and a little rainy in the city but…it’s hard to care when you know you’re about to see Harry Connick Jr. who, let’s face it, is a REAL LIFE DISNEY PRINCE! I WAS SO SHOOK LOL.

LITTLE TIP, while you’re waiting to get checked in by the staff really show off how EXTRA you are! I was dancing around (obvs) and laughing just because I was so happy to be there, and BOOM they gave us the SPECIAL blue tickets!

LOL, that doesn’t really mean anything other than we get to be in the FRONT ROW! YAS YAS YAS!

We waited on set for a little bit while they got set up, OBVS taking this time to take SELFIES! The lights in the studio were this gorg pink color and I was SO HERE FOR IT! We were instructed that whenever the band played we should get up and DANCE! LOL, like they even had to ask, I would have done that REGARDLESS! 

Plus one of the guests was a chef so we all got a free COOK BOOK! I wish I could have tried the dish though because it made the WHOLE STUDIO smell AMAZING!!

The BEST PART though is at the end of the show, Harry was like “It’s time to BACK IT UP” which means everyone from the audience gets to come down to the stage and dance WITH HIM! AND since I was in the front I shot RIGHT TO HIM! HELLO DANCING WITH A DISNEY PRINCE, NO BIG DEAL! LOL!

Honestly it’s SO CRAZY to watch these people work! There are like a MILLION of them, all with a specific job, all moving around constantly with these GIANT cameras and it all just WORKS! I was so impressed. I also LURVED the mission behind the show, Harry himself told us that he wanted to create a show that wasn’t political, wasn’t divisive, just a nice show where you could come out of it feeling a little better than when you went in! I was like WOW, I know how hard it is to make that show but they’re doing it! And they’re renewed for a new season as well! 

The episode will air on May 2nd so MAKE SURE YOU WATCH IT and KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR ME! My hands STILL HURT from clapping so much but it was totally worth it! Tell us about your Studio Audience experiences in the comments!!

XOXO – Shachi