Namaste girlies, it’s Victoria! I’m sure you know by now that ALL OF US here at Stellogirls have a SLIGHT Subscription Addiction. We’ve found a subscription box for EVERYTHING, Adi’s got her Candles, Alissa and her Fit box, Shachi is on that Popsugar Lifestyle…well…I FINALLY found a box for me! It’s called CauseBox and it’s truly something special. CauseBox products empower, educate, employ, and nourish people all around the world! All the brands included put people and the environment first – not profit. And if that wasn’t amazing enough the CauseBox community is FULL of women who share those values and are committed to a better, more beautiful world. JUST LIKE ME!

So of COURSE when I heard of this box I was like, OMG, I need to be a part of that community! I got my Welcome Box a couple days ago and it just….felt so good to hold this box and KNOW that I made a difference AND all the stuff inside is INCREDIBLE! The definition of a WIN-WIN!

Check out what was inside below!

Nourishing Face Cream from Love For Humanity – This is probably my favorite thing in the box because it’s actually SO HARD to find good skin care products that are ACTUALLY vegan and organic! This brand checks ALL the boxes! Made in USA, in a non-toxic plant, powered by wind energy! Every ingredient is sourced from small farms, vegan and NEVER tested on animals, NOThING UNNATURAL, and the packaging is 100% recyclable! If all this wasn’t enough for every product sold they also donate a meal through Freed the Children to fight youth hunger in America. Like. How can one company be SO environmentally and health conscious?! DREAMZ!

Headphones from LSTN Sound Co. – I love that headphones are kindof this symbol for passion, you know? The design of these are SO COOL, like total wood aesthetic and these ones help support surgeries for hearing restoration in the deaf. INCREDIBLE.

Necklace from Musana International – This BEAUTIFUL necklace was handcrafted by women in Uganda. The women who make these necklaces are empowered to break the cycle of poverty and create brighter futures for their children. Not to mention the necklace they made is so. SO beautiful!

Gold-Foiled Leaf Earrings from Noonday Collection – These beautifully delicate earrings are handmade in India and are a great example of the impact that is made possible when passion and purpose intersect.

Metallic Cuff from Branded Collective – These bracelets were handmade and individually numbered by human trafficking survivors in Tennessee. By wearing it I help provide economic empowerment for survivors in Tennessee and it shows that I stand in solidarity for trafficking victims throughout the world. It’s a really powerful piece and I am honored to wear it.

Art Print and Frame – And finally this inspiring print and wood frame made from reclaimed wood in Los Angeles! It’s the perfect little good vibes reminder to hang by my door for a little pick-me up before I start my day!

I’m so incredibly HAPPY and proud to support Causebox, and I can’t wait to see what next season’s box has in store for me!

You can join the movement and get your own Causebox HERE!

XOXO Victoria