Hello hello girlies, Justine here!! I know EVERY season is THE season for jeans but this Spring it seems ESPECIALLY true!

I just bought a GLORIOUS pair from Madewell! They feature Madewell’s new “MAGIC POCKETS” and they are not joking around! The “magic” comes from reinforced front-pocket technology that offers an extra layer of holds-you-in magic for an ultra-smooth look, plus a touch of added stretch to ensure you’re still totally comfortable.  They look good on EVERYONE! Every single BODY TYPE. THIS IS NOT A DRILL GIRLIES!

Every time I wear these I feel SLEEK and CONFIDENT! They make my waist and my booty G O O D! Sometimes when I wear skinny jeans I feel a little bit like a sausage, and if I wear HIGH-WAISTED skinny jeans It’s like I’m a sausage whose PANTS keep falling down! BUT I haven’t had ANY of those issues with these jeans! I seriously have NO COMPLAINTS about ’em!

Madewell also has a style for every single kind of girl! You wanna be ARTUFL? They got you. COOL? They got that. SEXY? TOMBOY? EFFORTLESS? THEY GOT YOU! 

You gotta CHECK ‘EM OUT they are def on my MUST HAVES for the season!

XOXO – Justine