Hi girlllls whatsupppp? Did you see my #MESS post on INSTA before!? 😉 I was just playing around with my cookie-cutters and WATERMELON. YAS. So much FUNNNNNN. Watermelon is in season right now and WOWZAAAAA I could eat it all day long! (It’s good for u too!) So juicy and full of summer flavor. LURVVVVVVVV! Alls I hear about these days is how everyone is all about that FRUIT life <3 And I’m like WHAT’S THE HYPE about!?!? These colorful smoothies have been BLOWING up my Insta and I gots to get in on that!

OBVI I went with my natural color – RED and decided that instead of shoving watermelon chunks into my mouth I would instead SIP them today like the classy GAL I am 😉 CHECK IT OUT. Looks DELISH, right!? WELL IT IS.

If you’ve been following my cooking TIPS, you already know what I’m gonna say: FOLLOW your taste and DARE to experiment! This one is EASY BREEZY and you can blend it anyway you WANT! SO you know what? I’m not giving you EXACT measurements, HA! How you like me NOW!? You’ll just have to take a risk and TRUST your tastebuds 😉 – DO IT GURLIESSSS <3


  • 2 handfuls of watermelon chunks
  • 1 handful of frozen strawberries
  • A squeeze of lemon juice
  • Honey to taste
  • Tools:
  • Blender
  • Glasses
  • Optional: straws and cookie cutters

How to:

Put the watermelon chunks and the strawberries in the blender. Squeeze in the lemon and the honey. HIT dat button and BLENDDDDDDDDDD gurlllllllll. (Make sure to keep that lid down if you don’t want to be cleaning up allllll dayyyyy 😉 ANDDDDD if you’re with youngsters- make sure to supervise their blender use – SAFETY first gurlz).

TASTE. Too sour? Add a bit of honey, or add some more strawberries! Too sweeeeeet? (no such thing!) -just add a bit of lemon juice!! Once you get to the desired taste, pour into some cute glasses. OBVI I had to add a little BOOM to my smoothies so I chose mason jars for my cups, used a cookie cutter to make star watermelon decorations && threw in some ADORBS straws (CUZ WHO DON’T LURV A STRAW!?).