GURLLLLLLSSS. CHECK US OUT in our DOPE Virtual Reality shades 😉 ohhhhhhhh YAA. Real talk: we’re super sad that Tribeca Film Festival is OVA, but now we get to relive ALL the highlights with you girlies at home 😀

The best part about Tribeca Film Festival is that it was actually SO much more than films! This year they went ALL OUT with the latest & greatest tech – dedicating ENTIRE FLOORS to Virtual Reality!! WOWZA- am I right!? In caseeee you don’t know what’s UP- Virtual Reality is basically a special kind of technology that simulates other environments. When you slip on one of them bada** headsets (like the ones we’re wearing in our pic) -you LEGIT feel like you’re in another world. And since it’s not ACTUALLY real- you can LITERALLY be ANYWHERE! You can swim with dolphins, visit pluto, or run around a magical forest with mythical beasts who chase you!!! – And TRUST gurl you GUNNA RUN cuz Virtual Reality feels SO REAL. It’s sick!!

The VR exhibits were POPPIN at the festival and the lines were over an HOUR LONG. WHHHHHHHATTTT. Totally worth it doe, also quick shoutout to the lounges serving those DELISH brownies – they totes made the line waiting process easier 😉

We were SO into the crazy places that the headsets took us to- but some of the things that we saw were REALLY scary. Like one of the headsets lets you experience what solitary confinement feels like, and one of them put you in a slasher film! CREEEEEEPPPPPY AF!

Alissa had two FAV headsets. One that transported you to a world where gummies and candies fly towards you and make sounds when you hit them! YAS now THAT’S our kinda world 😉 Alissa basically composed an entire VR Rock symphony – by hitting CANDY. She’s so talented 😉 But she was also LURVING the headset that took you swimming with dolphins!!! – that is like SO Alissa. Meanwhile Shachi was totes digging the the headset that sent you to a world where bunnies defend planet earth from aliens – YAS YAS YAS so much fun!!

We spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time playing with the headsets that eventually we were ASKED to leave … BUTTTT I guess after EIGHT hours of playing SOMEONE had to cut us off 😀 it’s SO cool to catch virtual reality in the beginning of its immersion into mainstream media!!! The possibilities are endless!!! Wanna be front row at a Beyonce concert!? Or how about a quick climb on Mount Everest!? It all depends on which headset you put over them eyes gurl!!! Where would you want YOUR VR headsets to take you!? XOOXOX- Shachi and Alissa <3