Namaste ladies : ) 

School was so rough today! I just had to come home and do a little yoga! You know?! A little downward dog, some child’s pose and as I was going into cobra I opened my eyes and I thought “Oh my god! My room is such a zen temple!”. So, clearly the first thing I had to do after tree pose was take some quick photos of my room! I just had to share! Welcome to Victoria’s Zen Temple!

My bed is of course one of the most important elements within my room. A teen girl’s bed is MASSIVELY important because we need to get the right amount of sleep to be our best selves. Ladies, our bodies are beautiful sanctuaries that need to be nourished with sleep! SO naturally I had to choose a bed that made me feel like a fairy princess! What could make you feel more like that than hanging sheets of all colors shielding you from the sun’s morning rays!?

Hmmm … what else is important to point out? Oh! Of course my dream catcher! Do you know what a dream catcher does? Well basically, you know when you’re trying to fall asleep at night but there are a thousand unspoken thoughts in your head? And then all of those thoughts jumble up in your mind and give you terrible dreams? Well the dream catcher takes care of that! It’s meant to catch all of your bad nightmares in its colorful netting – while allowing all of your happy dreams to take the main stage in your brain at night!! Since I made mine, I’ve been sleeping much better and I highly recommend it!

Lastly you HAVE to check out my shabby chic tipi. How CUTE is it!? I love hanging out in there with my friends! It’s a perfect place for a sleepover- laughing and talking about our crushes all night. It totally gives me life! But I also really love being in my tipi just with Owl, meditating and finding some quiet time.

Which one of my room accessories do you like the most? You don’t even have to go out and buy anything to have a zen temple like me. On my next post I’ll give a tutorial on how to make one of my favorite items in my room. If you have one you really want to see then comment below! Peace <3

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