Hey gals, it’s Victoria here <3 I wanted my post today to go out to all the shy girlies out there … just like ME! Today I went to this party and it was kinda ROUGH. I mean it was all people from my grade and they’re all really nice and stuff but IDK … sometimes when I get into these social settings I just sorta turn into a turtle … like I just wanna go into my shell and have everyone leave me alone!!! You know what I mean? At some point during the party I found myself sitting and observing, which is something I love to do 😉 I really like people watching … especially in certain situations like at parties or events and stuff … it’s pretty fascinating actually what you see when you watch from the outside 😀 I was just chilling and having a good time when this girl from my class came over and kept asking me all these questions: “ARE YOU HAVING FUN? WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET? JUST LET LOOSE AND HAVE SOME FUN!!” She kept yelling stuff like that over the loud music.

It kinda pissed me off because YEAH truth is I WAS having fun until she came over and made me feel like I WASN’T. The thing is this: not all people are the same and not all people express themselves the same way. Some of my StelloGirl booboos go real CRAY CRAY at parties and you can tell from a MILE away that they are having a good time. But the people who really know me … my girl SQUAD …. They know that I’m having fun even if it’s not written ALL over my face!

And beyond that … I feel like girls who are quiet get so much pressure to be outgoing and to “let loose,” when in reality this is MY personality, this is who I AM, and I’m not gunna change just to please someone else. My point is this: JUST because I don’t say it, doesn’t mean I’m not thinking it. Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m not having fun and just because it takes me a little longer to warm up doesn’t mean I’m cold. DON’T underestimate me just because I’m quiet!!!! So girlies, if you’re a little shy like me, don’t let other people’s comments bring you down. Don’t let anyone make you think you’re missing out on anything and keep laughing on the inside at those people who underestimate you 🙂 Big big big massive XOXOOXO to all you shy gals out there <3

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