Like my PIC!?! Made with StelloGirls APP! Coming soon! 😀 Namaste StelloGirls! What’s doing? It’s me, Victoria! Feels like I haven’t blogged in FOREVSSSS. With finals coming up and all the end of the year stuff, things have been SO CRAY CRAY around here! I haven’t had any time to myself! I’m feeling UBER stressed out and that’s TOTALLY not good for my chi!! I need to get completely re-centered and de-stressed ASAP. Sometimes it’s just like homework, friends, boys, work, blah blah BLAH! IT’S TOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Taking care of yourself should be your number ONE priority! But we SO often forget to do it!!

SOOO when I start feeling weighed down I KNOW it’s time for some zen-care ;D For me that means escaping to the forest by my house, doing some Yoga poses and most importantly – MEDITATING!! I don’t chant or look like I’m trying to levitate or anything like that 😉 I just find a quiet area, sit in a comfortable position on my FAUX FUR blanket, and focus on my breathing. Deep breath in for three counts… 1, 2, 3… hold your breath for a second… and deep breath out for 3 counts. 1, 2, 3. Keep doing that and before you know it … you feel relaxxedddddd 😀 

I LURVV listening to the sounds of nature, the birds overhead singing sweet tunes to me ;D And the sound of the squirrels crawling gently over tree branches. Recently I’ve been REALLY into Mindfulness – which is basically a form of mediation. Mindfulness isn’t about clearing out ALL the thoughts in your head – cuz that’s kinda impossible, but it’s more about being MINDFUL of what thoughts you’re putting in your head. DEFINITELY try not to think about anything that stresses you out or about anything that is negative. Ideally you’re looking to try to clear your mind as much as possible. Don’t get frustrated when thoughts force themselves into your head! Just gently push away the thoughts, almost like a cloud that passes through the sky 🙂

If you haven’t tried meditating yet – why not try today!?! It takes some time, patience and practice but it’s TOTES worth it!

Apparently just 20 min of meditation a day can improve your mental health, concentration AND general mood!!!

AIGHT girlies I’m going back to zen-mode. Stay positive and PEACE OUT. XOXO – Victoria