Hey lovies! It’s Victoria – coming at you from COACHELLA 😀 OH YAS DAS RIGHT I LIKE DAT! For those of you who don’t know about Coachella, it’s basically an UBER famous music festival located in the Colorado desert in CALI <3 As you might realize already I am the FESTIVAL lover out of the StelloGirl group. Give me some music in a desert, some moonlight and you’ve WON my heart forever <3 A couple of the other girls also love going to festivals every once in awhile but FOR ME, it’s not JUST about partying and having a good time … it’s a WAY OF LIFE <3 I like to call it “festiving.” So if you were to ask me what I’ve been doing since the 15th … well I’ve been FESTIVING 😉 You like thattt or whuuuuut !?! 😛

In case you’re a NEWBIE hitting up Coachella for the first time, here are some TIPS from me to you: (btw festival ends on the 24 … you still have time to hit it up :D)

1. WATER. Repeat to yourself: water is my friend, water is my friend, water is my FRIEND. Find it, buy it, bring it, carry it, whatever ya needa do, just MAKE SURE you have a constant water supply b/c it’s HOT, we’re in a desert and we’re DANCING. You’re going to want to stay hydrated.
2. JACKET. Even though it’s hella hot … at night it can get chilly – you’re gunna want to bring a light jacket that you can throw over your outfit at night.
3. FANNY PACKS ARE COOL. (When chosen & worn correctly). I used to think fanny packs were those weird things your DAD wore when he took you to Disney World, but fanny packs are BACK and DOPE AF. As you can see, I was rocking a fringe one yesterday. I SWEAR by cute fanny packs to help me festival properly.
4. ITEMS. You might be wondering what I have INSIDE my fanny pack. GOOD question 😉 I pack the festival essentials, including: lip balm, granola treats, blotting paper (to keep that shine off your face) and ear plugs– sometimes your ears get TIRED and they want a little breaky (you’ll thank yourself after for packing these 😉 
5. CELEBRITIES. Celebrity sightings is a Coachella norm. But try not to get TOO caught up in it. You didn’t come to see Kendal Jenner — you came to HAVE FUN. So if you happen to run into a celeb … AWESOME…. Snap a pick and then PARTY ON!
6. SOCIAL MEDIA. Someone happened to get an awesome snap of me doing my thang and that’s super fun (cuz like NEW PRO PIC) but try to put your phone DOWN. You’re in the DAMN desert!!! Drop the phone, forget about that new pro pic and just BE <3 Live this moment for YOURSELF – not for Instagram.
7. CLOTHING. Wear something breezy, comfy and of course CUTE. Coachella partiers are FASHIONISTAS … this is your time to go CRAY CRAY … let the hippie inside of you RUN FREE … throw that oversized hat on your head, draw some designs on your hands and paint your nails glow in the dark LIME GREEN. I personally love hitting up Free People before a cool festival – they always have the nicest desert-chic dresses that are COMFY and CUTE <3

And MOST importantly … HAVE FUN. You’re going to be surrounded by strangers, you’ll be partying with them, sweating on each other, accidentally hitting each other in the face and eventually you will turn into one moving, dancing HAPPY family. Speaking from someone who is very shy, try to LET GO. Close your eyes, vibe to the music and ENJOY <3 xoxo- Victoria