What up babes, it’s Adi here with another AMAZE Vellabox! Y’all already KNOW that Vellabox is my fav lil subscription box that sends CANDLES to my doorstep every month! DREAMZ, right?!

May’s candles seem to have stepped right out of the ocean! I feel like I’m up in the Hamptons for the summer, girls! It’s like a breath of FRESH AIR! Of course when I saw all the bombastic blue colors I had to pair it with one of my FAV cards from BAN.DO! I’m obsessed with these happy little compliment greeting cards, and try and throw them in my snaps whenever I can!

This month’s candle company comes straight outta Cali, so that probably explains the heavy beach vibes! All their candles are hand-poured in small batches so you KNOW you got the freshest, cleanest, most DELICIOUSLY AROMATIC candles ever!

The big candle is Sea Salt & Agave. It smells like a summer stroll through some little seaside town! Like I got my bae with me, and we’re snacking on some salt water taffy, just living that INSTAGRAM life! LOLZ! I’m gonna save this candle for when I need life to just SLOW DOWN and give me a minute to b r e a t h e.

The little candle is Beachside Linen! A totally nostalgic fragrance that’s all crisp linens out to dry on a breezy day by the waves. Can you picture a more charmed life?! LOVE IT!

And as ALWAYS Vellabox sneaks in a little something extra, this month it’s the candles perf companion – TEA! If there’s anything better than a day curled up with a book, a candle, and a cup o’tea you LET ME KNOW PLEASE!

But seriously, LET ME KNOW!

XOXO – Adi

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