Hello my chiquititas! 

Today was such a walk in the park 🙂
But, like actually, we went to a park in Valencia called Jardi Del Turia!!!! What a fab combo of nature, beauty and history! In case you’re wondering, jardi means garden in Catalan. Many people in Valencia speak Spanish but they also speak Valencian, a dialect of Catalan. We loved walking around hearing people speaking different languages with thick accents, don’t you think that everything in other languages sounds so sweet and romantic? We do <3

Anyways Jardi Del Turia is not your typical park. It actually used to be a huge river!! Who doesn’t love a romantic river right? One big issue though — it kept overflowing, causing lots of damage to the city. So the people of Valencia took action – they dried out the river and built a huge park over it. What a cool idea!! It’s also smack in the middle of the city so it’s pretty hard to miss this beauty!

It was so nice and calming to walk around the jardi today .We saw loads of people jogging, walking their dogs, strolling and riding bicycles. We picked up some typical treats from Valencia and had ourselves a little picnic, lying on the grass, with the sun’s comforting rays on our backs and the sweet smell of fresh roses. Sooo dreamy. Big shoutout to StelloGirl Victoria!!!- gurllllll you would have been OBSESSED with this place.

We totally realized today that adventures are the best way to learn. Go get your adventures on girls !!! xoxoxo – Justine & Susana

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