Namaste Girlies✌️️! Victoria here with a little Saturday DIY….PERFECT for this rainy day!! And this DIY is filled with SPARKLES and LURV to brighten EVERYTHING up! So let’s get started on our


What you’ll need:

A smooth glass jar (can be a mason jar or a clean veggie jar)

Acrylic paint in your preference color (I used GOLD)

Porcelain pens

Unicorn cut out

Washi Tape (ALWAYS washi tape!)

Little plastic unicorn to place on the lid, I used a unicorn rubber ducky!

Loads of GLITTER, cute charms (like rainbows!), beads, twine and glue.

What to do:

Start with creating lines on the mason jar with some washi tape! Below the lines (or in between) you’ll brush on glue and sprinkle with glitter

(be prepared for  SPARKLES to be EVERYWHERE girls💖!).

Let it dry for a bit, then place your unicorn cut out on the glass and trace it with a porcelain pen in the color of your choice.

Let the porcelain paint dry, then start painting the jar, I used 3 layers of gold paint, don’t worry if it doesn’t look good at first, when the acrylic paint dries up, it’ll look AMAZE! If you want to paint your unicorn that will go on top of the lid, you can try painting it the same color as the jar for a cool unified look!

Put some glue on the lid and again… DUMP the glitter on!!! Then more glue and place your painted unicorn on top. Let it sit till completely dry!

Now… the finishing touches: make some cute charms with beads, charms and twine. Add some little stars or decorations with the porcelain pens on your jar, add a bit of glitter or lace on the sides of the lid…add anything you LIKE!

And voila! Your wish jar is ready!!!

Place a candle in it, or…(my FAV) fill it up with cute quotes and wishes written on colored paper. You grab one every day for good luck and positivity! 💖

What do you think girls…ready to try this at home? Tag us in your pics so we can see your creations😍😍😍!!! XOXO – Victoria