HOLA GIRLIES! It’s your boo SUSANA here! WHEW, what a WEEK! I just came from such a KILLER dance workout I feel like I’m FLYING! You know that EXHILARATING feeling of pushing yourself and SUCCEEDING!? LIKE YAS! If I could bottle that feeling I would! There is this INSANE choreography that I’m trying to learn right now and to be honest it’s not exactly the style I’m used to so it’s been a little frustrating for me, BUT tonight I totally NAILED IT!

So OBVS this calls for some celebration! I just had to treat myself to some SWEETS! Girlies, I have a TOTAL sweet tooth! Like SERIOUSLY candy needs to be hidden from me because I will DEVOUR it! This time of year is ESPECIALLY hard because candy seems to be EVERYWHERE! I rarely let myself indulge, BUT today was a special occasion!

Sugarfina is a TOTAL luxury candy boutique! Everything in the store is designed to be TOO. CUTE. You might have heard of them because last year they had these Rose gummies that were like the IT THING, totally delish but not actually my fav thing on the menu! They sell these Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels that are so just…YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!! 

Anyway, if I could LIVE in these candy boxes I WOULD! 

But where would I put my SHOES?! LOL!

What kind of sweets do you girlies LURV?! Let me know!

XOXO – Susana