Let’s talk about the most beautiful chocolate bars I’ve ever seen in my DANG LIFE. While out and about in St. Helena the other day I stumbled across a display of Compartés Chocolatier that literally made me stop in my tracks.

The packaging is SO. GORGEOUS. And helloooooo there is a UNICORN bar? HA HA HA YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT ONE IS COMING HOME WITH ME! Compartés is an organic chocolate company that makes small batch hand-crafted chocolate out of Los Angeles. I guess they’ve been around since the 1950’s but thanks to a recent revamp of the brand aesthetic they’re known as the trendiest chocolate around! I gotta say…from the three bars that I tried it TOTALLY lives up to the hype!

I took forEVER to narrow down my choices, literally every single one sounded AMAZING, like THERE IS A AVOCADO CHOCOLATE BAR OKAY?! WHATS A GIRL TO DO?! I ended up getting Donuts & Coffee, Coney Island (my UNICORN bar) and S’MORES! YUM YUM YUM! What I loved about this brand is that they are candy bars that are basically made for adults! Ya feel me?

Donuts + Coffee tasted like that PERFECT moment where you have a bite of donut and the wash it down with your fav coffee!

Coney Island was DELICIOUSLY crispy (it was milk chocolate with sweet crispy waffle cone morsels sprinkled in it). While I enjoyed it immensely, I gotta say…the packaging makes me a LOT happier than the chocolate did. LOL, but that’s probably just because I AM OBSESSED WITH UNICORNS!

Finally my S’MORES bar! This one was probably my favorite because of how crazy the bar actually looked when I pulled it out of the wrapper! This baby has taken s’mores to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with homemade marshmallows and lil bits of graham crackers stuffed inside a yummy dark chocolate! It’s like summer camp in your mouth!

And there you have it! Three DELICIOUS and tots instagrammable chocolate bars that are serving some serious GOOD VIBEZ! I am not fully dedicated to trying AS MANY AS I CAN!

What do you think girls? Have you tried Compartés? Which is your FAV bar?

XO – Shachi

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