What up WHAT UP GIRLZ! It’s Shachi and I hope everyone had an AMAZE weekend! I went to the wedding of a family friend over the weekend and had a BLAST! IDK if you girlies know this but when Indians get married we do it B I G! 

My FAV part of weddings is the HENNA! The painting of henna designs on the body is said to have started in India THOUSANDS of years ago! So it’s pretty much a part of ALL of our celebrations! Traditionally the night before the wedding the women have this big COLORFUL celebration where the bride gets henna designs on her hands and feet! I LURV this tradition and was so happy that the bride allowed all of us to be included! The intricate henna designs symbolize joy, beauty, love, and all GOOD THINGS!

There are also a lot of superstitions around the henna designs, like for example the darker the stain the happier the marriage will be and the more passionately the husband will love the bride! OBVS we all want the DARKEST stain!

It’s such a beautiful way to decorate yourself for special events or parties, because the designs only last a couple of days so you don’t have to commit to a permanent design!

I think they are always SO BEAUTIFUL! None of them ever come out the same, so every time they are unique and special which is why I LURV that they’re making their way into FASHION! I think fashion is such a GREAT WAY to SHARE culture!! Henna definitely deserves to be celebrated by EVERYONE…just always remember the history that comes with it! 

Share your HENNA designs with us! 

XOXO – Shachi