Hi hi girlies! Shachi HERE, and you already know what time it is…time for another LUSH BATH BOMB REVIEW! HEY HEY! I am SO excited to share this one with you, it’s called The Experimenter and it’s described as a “bath time motion picture.” How GREAT is that description?! OBVS I had to do it last week on OSCAR SUNDAY! What better way to celebrate films than with a BLOCKBUSTER BATH BOMB! 

This BEAUTIFUL bomb was a swirl of FLAMINGO pink, VIBRANT blue, LUXURIOUS purple, SHINING white and GLITTERING gold! What more could I want!? 

It has a bit of a smoky, vanilla-y scent. I thought I wasn’t going to like it because it’s so STRONG but after awhile I just SUNK into it and found it incredibly relaxing. The best part about this bomb, though, is the SWIRLING technicolor show it puts on as it dissolves. I mean it’s SO GROOVY, just LOOK AT IT!

Sadly though once it’s all dissolved into the water and the foamy colors have gone away it left the bath a bit of a murky, green/brown color? I guess that’s what you get when you mix all these singularly AMAZE colors together! 

Overall I REALLY enjoyed using this bath bomb and can’t wait to try out more! Which are YOUR fav Bath Bombs? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO – Shachi