HEY GIRLS, it’s ADI! After last month’s AMAZE VellaBox I could not wait to see what April would bring me! I didn’t know it was possible but this box was BETTER THAN THE FIRST ONE! 

I actually didn’t realize that Vellabox get’s candles from different candle makers every month! So while last month was a wonderful brand called Makana this month is a a family owned company called Mr. B’s! All their candles are made with 100% Natural biodegradable soy wax and pure, undiluted essential oil! Good for the earth, good for the home! 

The big candle is Lavender Rosemary (the PERFECT bedtime candle!) and the little one is ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENTS IN THE UNIVERSE – Lemongrass! I’m honestly SO SO HAPPY with these candles I’m like smiling just thinking about them! Hahaha, have you ever met a girl who loved a candle as much as I do?

This month the little extra sumthin-sumthin in the box was bath salts! Tropical bath salts to be exact! I also continue to LURV the patterned fabrics the candles are wrapped in! SPRING-Y and BEAUTIFUL! Seriously girlies, could this subscription box BE ANY CUTER?! OMG! 

What are YOUR fav candle scents? Share in the comments!

You can get your own VellaBox HERE

XOXO – Adi