SHACHI HERE! GIRLZ. OMG. After school today I was running some errands around SoHo when I found myself RIGHT IN FRONT of Taiyaki NYC!! YAS!

I had seen these cute fish ice cream cones ALL over Instagram and have been meaning to snag one for myself for MONTHS so it basically seemed like FATE! To top it off I was in a rush and the store was COMPLETELY EMPTY! The universe was working for ME! I burst into the shop, and HERE IS WHERE I MADE MY MISTAKE – instead of inspecting the menu and going ALL OUT on my soft serve I just pointed to the first picture I saw and was like “THAT ONE!” 

What I ended up with was STILL DELICIOUS don’t get me wrong, BUT I could’ve gotten something SO MUCH PRETTIER! FOR THE ‘GRAM! LOL, always thinking about the ‘gram, but that’s what it’s all about! 

This one is called Straight Outta Japan, it was matcha sesame swirl, red bean filling, mochi, and a yummy chocolate wafer. While I’m always down for ALL THINGS MATCHA, if I had taken the time to inspect the menu I would have gotten something a little more ME and it DEFF would have been COVERED in sprinkles!!!!! Wanna know the SADDEST part of this whole story? I never even got to the red bean filling! YEAH. The ice cream was dripping all over the place and I was still in a rush to finish some tasks and I just….idk…couldn’t finish it. I KNOW, I KNOW, I’m still so mad at myself over it!

Oh well, I won’t make the same mistakes next time! Because there WILL be a next time! The little fishy was still totally YUMMERS and ADORBZ, but I’m just mad I didn’t get MORE STUFF on him! Next time I hit up Taiyaki NYC I am going to haul the squad with me and give myself a LOT of time to enjoy my treat!

What should I get for next time? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO – Shachi

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