Hello my StelloGirl CHICAS! Welcome to SUSANA’S PALACE <3 <3 <3 Oh yas das right u know u like dat 😉 So OBVI a girl’s room says A LOT about her. I mean I don’t about you girlies, but for me my room is MASSIVELY important. It’s where I wake up and where I fall asleep ….

So it needs to be ME ME ME.

I love changing up the décor in my room every couple of years, you know? Like I used to be really into like bright pink EVERYWHERE and now I prefer more silvers…. lavenders, with bursts of PINK every once in a while. Currently I’m rocking the GLAMOUR vibe & I’m so into it.

If you somehow forgot … I’m really into SHOES. That’s why I structured my room so that it all kinda revolves around the most important accessory … SHOES SHEWS SHOOOOS. Well ya know what MARILYN said right? “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” 😉  Speaking of Marilyn, I have a painting of her & Jackie O…. That’s cuz I’m totally a Marilyn … but sometimes I’m also totes channeling fierce QUEEN Jackie… It’s like I’m a little bit of both 😉 I also LURV hanging paintings of iconic women, seeing them first thing in the morning gives me LIFE.

OBVI I also have a dress form stand – where I hang the outfits that I’m planning to wear the next day. Normally I do this when there’s something special coming up, like if I’m going to an event, or going on a date or doing an important work-thing. Sometimes I also like to dress up the mannequin in a CRAZY outfit && leave it all week as a kind of INSPIRATION look for the week. Like if I want to go for the 90’s vibe one week -then I’d dress the mannequin in a crop top and some baggy jeans with some doc martens & throw a patterned vest over the whole thang…. Ya feel ?

I guess my favorite thing about my room is how INSPIRED it makes me feel. It’s just bits and pieces of me shinning ALL over the place. When I’m feeling down I love grabbing my bedazzled microphone, swinging open the doors of my balcony and singing out to the world ;D

What do u girls think of my room? Keep shinning <3 XOOX- SUSANA

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