Girlies! Susana here, coming at you with a StelloGirls


Summer is almost upon us, and while that means long days by the pool, nights with friends, and OBVI the perfect playlist…it ALSO means a lot of us are looking for summer jobs! I know there can be a LOT of anxiety that comes with trying to get hired, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the interview. But never fear…SUSANA IS HERE! And I am gonna help you ROCK your job interview, while looking straight FIERCE ;D

Of course you need to come to your interview MAD prepared, with the right cover letter, resume, questions etc, but we’ll talk about that in another post, right now I wanna talk ALL about MY specialty: WARDROBE. YASSSSS.

REAL TALK: Every job interview requires a specific LOOK. Most of us high-school girlies are looking for part time jobs in restaurants, babysitting or sales. If that’s the case, don’t worry about going SUPER formal! In fact, you might look a LIL silly if you showed up in a FULL BLOWN business suit 😉 BUT it’s still important to come off as PROFESH as possible –so make sure to choose work-appropriate clothing, LIKE –no see-through things, and watch those hemlines. My TIP: try a clean, wrinkle free button down and a nice pair of jeans!!! Stay away from the ripped jeans if possible 😉

NOW, if you’re shooting for an internship in an office somewhere then you MIIIIIGHHHT want to go a lil bit fancier. I’m thinking slacks and a colorful blouse or a knee length skirt with a sweater- MAD cute <3 My TIP: If you’re ever feeling TOO casual, a BLAZER is ALWAYS the answer. Blazers are DOPE because they go with mostly everything and they always give you that extra UMPPH of sophistication 😀 Ooh and OBVI don’t forget to ACCESSORIZE!!! Think statement necklaces for a bold, polished look.

REMEMBER GIRLIES, the key is not actually what you look like on the outside – but how you FEEL on the INSIDE. Some mornings I wake up with very LOW confidence, and if I happen to have an important meeting or event on those days, it can really SUCKKKK. BUT -I always find that a carefully selected outfit cheers me right up and makes me hold my head up a little higher!!

The MOST important element in choosing an outfit is to find something that you feel COMFORTABLE in and that really represents who you are. Make sure you are always ROCKING YOU <3 You got dis girlies! XOXOOX- Susana