LIKE MY PIC!??! Made with StelloGirls APP!!! COMING SOON <3 Hey GLAMGURLS!!!! Susana here, what is UP?! 😀 I’ve got some super duper amazing news for y’all! I started filming my VERY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO YESTERDAY!!! Eeeeeek!!! I still can’t believe IT’S ALL HAPPENING … it’s my actual DREAM come true! BUT just because it’s EVERYTHING, doesn’t mean it’s not ALSO exhausting!

I had SUCH a LOOOOOONG day! Had to get up at 5am (YIKES) so we could start filming bright and early! I hate people who LIKE to wake up at 5am … ARE YOU HUMAN!? Thank GOD we had coffee on set or I would have fallen right back asleep! I got my hair and makeup PROFESSIONALLY done 😉 OH YAS I LIKE DAT. ANY excuse to get THAT done, amiright?! Only took like 65 selfies … 😉 

Then it was STRAIGHT to costume to pick out some gorgeous, SEQUINED gowns for our first shot of the day! It was REALLY important to me that we get the sunrise for my music video. There’s nothing QUITE like a sunrise to make the sequins on your dress sparkle like a million fierce diamonds. #LEGIT

After our gorgeous sunrise shot, it was straight to the studio for dancing! My absolute FAV thing to do. I had been practicing the dance steps for WEEKS and I thought I had it down but I was still messing up! UGH. SO frustrating. I am a total perfectionist and so obvsss my music video HAS to be perfect. Luckily my dance instructor was ready in the wings to go over the steps with me again and again until I felt FIERCE and confident in them! BAM! Got that down! Feeling like Beyonce, with my sharp dance moves and my wind machine, GURL YOU KNOW I AIN’T PLAYIN!

Finally, my FAV part, I got to act with the CUTEST BOY EVER OMG! Such a sweetie and a BAWLER dancer, he plays my boyfriend in the music video….and maybe soon in real life!??! ;P JK JK JK. He’s a really good friend and I’m SOOOO glad I got to share this experience with him!

By the time I got home it was 1 am and I was SO WIPED OUT. I was almost in TEARS -I was so exhausted! I am SO lucky that I get to do what I LURVVV. BUT I also get to do it BECAUSE I work HARD for it! People aren’t gonna just hand you your dreams! You gotta work for it, everyday! It’s not called CHASING your dreams for nothing!!!

STELLOGIRLS- You gotta Get Up. Dress Up. Show UP. and NEVER GIVE UP.

You CAN do it…you just gotta put in the WERK. Can’t wait to show y’all the video when it’s ready!!!! SO MUCH FUN! xoxo – Susana <3 <3