Hey chicas !! It’s Susana with our last post covering New York Fashion Week. So OBVI I decided to dedicate my post to MARCHESA because …. LOOK AT THESE GOWNS … I can’t even…

If you dig the regal vibe then I’m sure you’ll fall head over heels in love with the dark blue dress on the bottom. Everything about this dress just screams QUEEEEEN. And let’s be honest … we all got some QUEEN inside of us -if you haven’t found the queen inside of you yet – start looking ASAP cuz she’s deff in there! ; )

This model even wore a crown on her head, which sparkled glamorously every time she took a step – it can’t get much better than that!!! I also LOVE the color combo of dark blue and gold embroidery … it feels very royal to me.

TREND ALERT: Flowers. Flowers. Flowers. And I’m saying YASSSS to all of them. If you look closely at my collage you’ll see that Marchesa managed to incorporate floral into lots of her pieces. What I love about this trend is that you get to actually wear flowers as clothing. The hippie in my heart is super excited. Check out the third gown on the top row. Since the dress is nude colored, the flowers pop out even more. AND she’s wearing a choker, AND the sash in the middle is satin pink – so overall this entire look is perfection.

BUT there was one winner in my eyes – FOR SURE the red dress on the bottom was my FAV. The dress itself is a see-through red lace with a nude fabric underneath. You wouldn’t expect red lace to look so classy but Marchesa made it happen. This dress was even more stunning in person. Look at the sleeves! Bell sleeves have been in for a while now and I thought it was awesome that Marchesa managed to take an old trend and reinvent it! Both the sleeves and the bottom of the dress were covered with red floral applique. To me they look like red rose petals – sooo dreamy ! Just imagine walking into a party with this on!

Watching Marchesa’s show was a true dream, the gowns are so detailed, gorgeous and romantic– it was like watching moving art coming down the runway. TBH I spent most of the show fantasizing where in the world I could wear one of these dresses!! I neeeeeed to get my hands on one of these gowns and then find the sickest party to go to !!!! Dreams.

What do you girls think? Lemmme know !

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