Hello lovies! Susana here! Well, I have to tell you ALL about the KYE fashion show that I went to yesterday. It was killer. I have to admit I’m a bit biased… I wanted to cover this show because I’m totally into K-pop. In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what K-pop is, think Psy “Gangham Style” ; )

It’s basically pop music that originated in South Korea and I LOVE IT. So much fun and so upbeat! Sometimes I like to dance to it in my room when I’m picking out an outfit in the morning.
Kye’s show is just like K-pop but with fashion, so K-fashion. Think POPS of color everywhere, with gorgeous hues of blue ranging from cobalt to navy.

One of my favs was this neon yellow jacket with a blue interior. Sooooo fab! All I want to do in life is put this outfit on and strut down the streets of NYC. Goals.

What I really loved about KYE’s show was how her looks combine sporty with high end. One of my favs was a crushed velvet olive-gold slip. TREND ALERT: Take a slip and throw it over a rock tee. It’s so spunky, and I’m loving it.

Lastly, I have to point out the pink bomber with matching shorts. What!? That is LIFE. Bombers are so in right now but they never go with my look. Now THIS is a bomber I could totally rock. Kye’s collection made me feel like I was watching a 90s pop music video. It’s confident, bold and so much fun!  What do you girls think?

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