Pink, pink EVERYWHERE! EVEN IN MY COOKIES! Seriously babes, any excuse to live that #PINKLIFE and I’m there! I recently found THIS AMAZE recipe to make some Strawberry Chocolate Chip cookies and I couldn’t pass it up!

This was my FIRST EVER experience making cookies from a cake mix, I know I’m slow to the scene but it just goes against all my instincts! I mean…THERE IS A CAKE ON THE BOX, AND YET IM MAKING COOKIES! But baking is just SCIENCE, and change a few ingredients and BOOM! Got yourself some cookies!

I ran into ONE BIG ISSUE while making these, and it’s that I didn’t have any vegetable oil! WHAT, I know. How could I let that happen?! Turns out there are about a BILLION different substitutes you can use! Avocado oil, coconut oil, or (what I used) OLIVE OIL! Looking back I PROBABLY should have used my coconut oil, just for healthy/taste reasons! But my cookies turned out JUST FINE regardless! Though I’ll be the first to admit that mine turned out a LIIIIIITLE browner than the professional version.

EXPECTATIONS:                                                           REALITY:


BUT HEY. STILL TASTY THO, so don’t @ me! Maybe it was my lighting while taking the photos, cus they STILL PINK AND HAPPY…..but they’re not THAT pink and happy. LOL.

My favorite thing about this recipe though was HOW FAST they were to make! Seriously, just mix it all up and 10 minutes later you have delicious cookies to eat! The cake mix makes it SUPER BROWNIE, DENSE COOKIE. Which is totally YUM! Pink is definitely the SUMMER COLOR and these are the PERFECT beach day munchie snack! LURV!

LMK what you think of cake box recipes! Got any other DIYS I should try? HIT ME UP IN THE COMMENTS!

XO – Justine

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