Hola Girlies!!! It’s your boo SUSANA here!!! You girlies KNOW that I was BORN a performer, right?! I sing, I dance, I even ACT! Yup, you can call me a triple threat, but I don’t…I just call myself AWESOME! LOL, you like that confidence? That kind of attitude is totally necessary when you’re trying to make it in “the business”.  My friends are always asking me what it’s like to go on auditions, and I figured some other young performers out there would like to know as well so I thought I’d share! 

Settle in girlies, it’s STELLOSTORY TIME!

I’ll just share what happened on my latest audition! I got a slot to audition for small play here in Miami! I was SO excited! Sure it’s not BROADWAY but you know what they say, there are no small parts, only small actors! I believe that’s true about the stage you’re performing on as well! There are no small stages, only small theaters! I got my sides about three days before the audition (sides refers to the scene you’ll be performing during the audition!), then it was all about PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! I didn’t have to MEMORIZE the lines, which was nice but I personally just feel more comfortable when I know the lines inside and out so I don’t have struggle with knowing the words I can just…ACT!

I got to the audition about thirty minutes early because I was nervous! I signed in and just…waited. Honestly that’s the WORST part about auditions, the wait! Especially this time because I could hear other actors during their audition and started to second guess how I was going to perform. Even though I’ve been doing this since I could WALK basically, I still get nervous! Luckily I knew a couple of the other actors and we could chat nervously to keep our minds of the impending audition!!

When it was my time to go I just took a deep breath, put my hand over my heart and told myself…CONFIDENCE! 

I felt like I pretty much NAILED the audition! They laughed at the right moments, and seemed really friendly! They even asked me to cold-read from another scene which I usually take as a good sign because it’s like they want to hear MORE from you! And THAT’S always good!

After the audition I skipped out and got myself some FROYO! I needed a TREAT, I had been stressed about this thing for like a week so it was nice to just BREATHE again! That didn’t last long because then I just NEEDED to know how if I got the part or not! I was checking my email like every five minutes!! Like I said…the worst part about auditions is the WAIT.

When I don’t get the part I’m upset, obviously. In the moment when I find out it’s always that flash of thinking “I KNEW I wasn’t good enough, why do I even do this?!” But I only allow myself to think that for a SECOND. It’s disappointing of course but there could be a MILLION reasons why I didn’t get that specific part, maybe they wanted someone older, or someone younger, or someone with a different look. More often than not it has NOTHING to do with how talented I am. I just have to remind myself to keep trying, because I only fail when I give up!

On this specific occasion though I did ACTUALLY get the part! YAY! The feeling of accomplishment when you get a part is so overwhelmingly GREAT! Especially because I never really allow myself to acknowledge how much I WANT the part until I actually get it! It feels so good when you GET cast that it kindof makes up for all those times you DON’T get cast! So you just gotta keep at it, because it IS WORTH IT!

Have any of you girlies gone out for auditions lately? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

XOXO – Susana