Good Morning Girlies! YOYO HERE on another AMAZE Sunday! What did everyone get up to this weekend? Who saw ROGUE ONE?! I’m going today with my squad and I gotta tell you I am SO EXCITED!!! I cannot wait to see Felicity Jones kick some Empire BUTT! YAS KWEEN! 
Anyway here is our list of FAV things from the internet and BEYOND this week!!! ENJOY! 😀

OBSESSED with this easy-peasy Holiday Treat!

Helen Mirren being a BADA$$ in this AMAZE faux

Women who draw

Did everyone watch the “All I Want For Christmas” Carpool Karaoke with KWEEN Mariah Carey? NO. WATCH IT NOW!

The year in photos

I need like a billion of these mermaid pillows!

These pins that are so cute I can’t even STAND IT.

Hillary, Actually. AKA the most perfect Holiday Sketch from SNL

And finally these MAGICALLY DELICIOUS Holiday Cronuts! TOO GOOD.


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XOXO – Yoyo