What is up girlies!? You already know it’s your bae YOYO here! I hope everyone had an AMAZE weekend! The weather has been B-E-A-UTIFUL this week and I’ve been soaking up every MINUTE of it! It’s got me SO pumped for summer! Picnics, beach days, summer dresses! I can’t wait! Well I gotta go get ready for my annual OSCAR Party! Here is a list of all our fav things from the internet and BEYOND this week!

Show off that you PERSIST!

CAKE KABOBS?! Game changer!

Why the new Bachelorette is a BIG DEAL!

These ADORABLE self-care reminders!

The cutest little soaps ever.

Which painting are you today?

How to get the double buns just right!

LURVING this mesmerizing choreography!

Vogue’s 25 Best Oscar Dresses of all time! Is your FAV on the list?

And finally everything you need to get Red Carpet ready! 

Share your FAVS with us in the comments!

XOXO – Yoyo