WHAT IS UP GIRLS?! Yoyo here!! I had such an amazing weekend with my squad! SELF-CARE is so important and right now self-care means chilling with my girls in sweat pants and binge watching Netflix!!! I know some of the Stellogirls LURV Valentine’s Day but to be honest I’m SOOOOO over it! I cannot WAIT for it to be over, until then though I’m just gonna keep my head down and watch the Santa Clarita Diet! YUP. ZOMBIES. That’s how I do Valentine’s Day! LOL! ANYWAY, here is a list of some of our fav things from the internet and BEYOND this weekend!

Do we have a slight obsession with all things UNICORN?! MAYBE! 

I wanna get my yoga on in these AMAZE reversible leggings!

Can I raid your closet, please?!

This. Song. Is. The. ORIGINAL. Jam.

LOVED this headline!

These MAGIC jeans that look good on EVERYONE!

Melissa McCarthy comes out SWINGING!


Have a GREAT WEEK Girlies!!

XOXO – Yoyo