This weekend was crazy beautiful! The weather was PERF and I went glamping with the BAES!  Gotta say, I don’t really enjoy camping but I LURRRRRV GLAMPING! Have a beautiful week babes, let your love shine through! Enjoy the weekly roundup of FAVS from the internet and beyond! 

Think I just found my next Summer Read!

Models of all sizes, AND ALL AGES! YAS KWEENS!

Don’t Light My Expensive Candles“. I relate to this SO MUCH.


The weather is warming up and I need this dress.

Turn your workplace into an oasis!

We’re obsessed with Tiny Foods, are you?!

THIS made me laugh out loud!

Some BADA$$ Wonder Woman artwork for your walls!

This Insta is all Macaroon DREAMZ!

XO – Yoyo

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