I hope everyone had a GREAT time watching Wonder Woman this weekend!!! What’s that? You haven’t seen it yet? WELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO GO GO!!!! Seriously this movie is a GAME CHANGER, had me tingling with inspiration all the way down to my BONES! And if it can make me feel this way, imagine what it’s like for all those little girls out there to be seeing these strong, incredible, BADA$$ LADIES ON THE BIG SCREEN?! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go buy me one of those Wonder Woman crowns ASAP! For now, enjoy a weekly roundup of our fav things from the internet and BEYOND this week!

Speaking of Wonder Women, I LURV this article on how they populated the world of Themyscira!

How to follow your dreams

Pink Dresses that take my breath away!

Beautiful bubble portraits!

Could you live in this adorable tiny home?

More of this please! Stories like this make the world a better place!

I finally found that bag that is all over Instagram! Pre-order it here!

This is what GIRL POWER looks like!

I am also loving every single moment coming out of the One Love Manchester Concert!

June is PRIDE MONTH! Everyone have a safe and happy Pride! 


XO – Yoyo 




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