I know it’s a LONG WEEKEND but it seems to have already flown by in a flash! I was living my best picnic life, saw a few friends who are in town from AUSTRALIA, and still managed to squeeze in a spin class! Not sure exactly what I’ll do tomorrow but you can bet it will be BBQ RELATED! LOL! Anyone get up to something crazy-pants this weekend? Tell me about it! For now I got you with a roundup of our fav things from the internet and BEYOND this week!

NYC got you set up with free sunscreen at the beaches this summer! NO EXCUSES! WEAR SUNSCREEN!

This perfectly ruffled dress.

Is this the best pie ever? LOOKS LIKE IT!


Can’t stop laughing over these wildlife photos! OMG!

These tweets are TOO REAL.

Whenever I miss Paris I look at this Instagram.

Is your FAV Rom-Com on this list?

I see your Unicorn Frappe and I raise you a DRAGON FRAPPE!

These adorable little notebooks to document your summer travels.

Enjoy babes!

XO – Yoyo

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