Happy Sunday girlies, it’s Yoyo here! May always seems to be the month where EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING SO MUCH! School is ending, graduations are here, summer is COMING, and I personally don’t feel prepared for ANY OF IT! AAH!

So today I’m just gonna settle in at home, and figure out my To-Do List! A girl HAS GOT TO HAVE A PLAN, am I right!? But before I go, I’m gonna leave y’all with our list of FAVS from the internet and beyond this week! ENJOY!  

Look at this PRINCESS!

Why do Americans smile so much?

Rainy day perfume? YAS please!

This easy breezy gingham dress is perfect for summer!

Throw SHIMMER, not shade.

This Instagram is all Magic Rainbow Vibes!

This Macaron Kit that’s so cute I’m tempted to learn how to bake!

11 YA books to kick off your summer reading!

Gotta get my hands on Chrissy Teigan’s new palette!!!

How to accept your body.

XOXO – Yoyo

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