HAPPY SUNDAY BABES! It’s YOYO here, what kind of adventures did you get up to this weekend? Who got their hands on the UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO from Starbucks? I wanna hear all about it! I tried SO HARD to get one but every. single. Starbucks was SOLD OUT! LAAAAAME! That’s fine though, I don’t need a Frapp to live that #UnicornLife! 

Hope everyone is ready for another AMAZING WEEK! The weather is only gonna get better, and we’re THAT much closer to summer! Enjoy some of our fav things from the internet and BEYOND this week! 

Some AMAZING sings from the Science March yesterday!

The PERFECT Spring painting!

Two apartments in Paris to make you jealous.

The powerpoint presentation to end ALL POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS!

Love this easy, breezy silk dress from Everlane.

She Sheds are a thing and they are BEAUTIFUL!

Everyone needs a HOT PINK trunk!

Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint!

This baby hippo makes everything better!

Millennial Pink all day every day.

Michelle Obama’s husband is SO EXTRA!

 XOXO – Yoyo