Hey hey GIRLIES, it’s Yoyo here on a MONDAY NIGHT! How was everyone’s Easter?! Hands up, WHO WORE PASTELS?! LOL. I know, I know, I’m late with the Favs BUT hey…sometimes you just gotta unplug and EAT BRUNCH! LOL! This weekend was CRAZY, Stellogirl Shachi was at Star Wars Celebration and judging by her pics her trip was HIGH KEY LIT! I can’t wait for the full break-down of her trip!

Until then, enjoy some of our fav things from the internet and beyond this week! 

Speakin g of Star wars, The Last Jedi trailer is looking EPIC! YAS REY! YAS KWEEN!

OMG, it’s too real.

We’re mid Cherry Blossom Season! Don’t miss the bloom!

Yup. That sounds like an accurate description of the Statue of Liberty.

As a Hot Woman, I’m Heartbroken.

Obsessed with these earrings. 

I NEED this Bomber Jacket in my life like YESTERDAY!

All the Coachella outfits you never knew you needed!

It’s pink and hilarious and I WANT IT.

My FAV shot from Shachi’s trip to Star Wars Celebration this past weekend!

Have a GREAT WEEK girlies! 

XOXO – Yoyo