Aloha girlies, Alissa here! It’s the FIRST day of March and three months into the year seems like a perfect time to check in and see how I’m doing with my New Year’s Resolutions! One of the big goals that I set for myself this year was to keep my body ACTIVE EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! At least personally there is a total connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind, so I’ve been challenging myself to get out there and PUSH myself every day!

The only problem with this is that I HATE going to the gym. Like seriously HATE IT! I used to go a lot but I always felt completely out of place and JUDGED. LOL, not here for that! THANKFULLY there are OTHER ways to keep your body, spirit, and mind healthy! Here are some suggestions:

  • Hiking – Hiking has become one of my FAV activities and luckily I live on the BEAUTIFUL island of Oahu so there is no shortage of beautiful trails to explore! There is something so refreshing about being outside and getting some FRESH air while you break a sweat! Plus the views are SPECTACULAR and whenever I feel like quitting I just think of the beautiful vista waiting for me when I get to the top!
  • Cook Up Some Abs in the Kitchen! – At home ab workouts are my absolute JAM! MOSTLY because no one is there to laugh at me when I fall out of my plank! LOL! It’s super easy and short too, so you can sneak it in before or after school, or even while catching up on your fav TV show! Grab your mat and do the following: A 30-second plank hold on your forearms, 30 seconds of mountain climbers on your hands, 30 seconds of v-ups, 30 seconds of butterfly crunches, and 30 seconds of bicycles. Do those 5 exercises for 3 rounds, only resting 15 seconds between the circuits. FEEL THAT FIRE?! AW YAS!
  • Make a PLAYLIST – At Stellogirls we LURV a good playlist! A good beat can change your ENTIRE mood and get you really motivated! I usually try to have two different kinds of playlists, one for psyching myself up for my workout and one for cooling down afterwards. A LIT remix can make the time FLY BY!
  • Active Hobbies – OBVS you girlies know I’m a SURFER and that keeps me pretty active! Though honestly I don’t even notice how hard my body is working when I’m out in the ocean because I LURV IT so much! Just like my girl Susana who dances literally all day EVERY DAY, and my bae Shachi who skateboards and plays soccer! It’s so simple, find something that gets you moving and that you LURV doing and it won’t seem like WORK!
  • Smoothies on SMOOTHIES – Switch your mornings up with some delicious and healthy smoothies! They’re literally SO easy to make and you can drink ’em on the go! We even have a couple recipes on the blog for you! Like this Vegan Coconut Shake that I’m still OBSESSED with! And there is also refreshing Watermelon-Strawberry number!

See? You don’t need the gym! Save your money and get creative! Share your FAV non-gym workouts in the comments!

XOXO – Alissa