G I R L S. OMG. Where to even BEGIN?! If you hadn’t noticed, this last weekend I was transported a long time ago to a galaxy far, far away! LOL, if Orlando Florida could be considered a galaxy far, far away (it basically can, right?) I attended Star Wars Celebration, the ULTIMATE Star Wars fan experience! It’s four days of costumes, exhibits, screenings, celebrity guests, panels, activities, and IDK ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF! It was my first time attending this annual convention and it was a SUPER special one as well because it was the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, so they had a LOT going on!

The dress is from Lulu’s and is TOTAL Princess Leia VIBES and was so perfect for this event!

Meeting the droids was such a HIGHLIGHT for me! Like OMG! IT’S BB-8!

Now I had a LOT of fun just EXPLORING and crowd watching – there is seriously NOTHING like crowd watching at a convention, it’s INSANE – BUT there were some downsides to this convention. Everything was LINES, LINES, LINES! Lines to get IN to the convention, lines to get into the STORE, lines to get wristbands to see panels! Like…everything was a LINE! Surprisingly the only thing there wasn’t a line for was the bathroom! I’m not just talking about like a 10 minute line either I mean like FIVE HOURS just to get into the Official Store! WHAT IS THAT?! It was basically IMPOSSIBLE to get into ANY of the panels because of the lines. Apparently it’s NEVER been like this before and even though the fans were FURIOUS about how mismanaged the event was….we were all still just SO HAPPY TO BE THERE! LOL!

That being said, I DID manage to snag a wristband for the Star Wars Rebels panel AND got to watch a screening of one of the new episodes for Season 4!!! THAT was super fun, plus it’s always really inspiring to hear the creators and actors talk SO PASSIONATELY about their work!

My absolute favorite thing from Celebration though was seeing all these little girls, dressed up as their fav Star Wars heroines! The movies and the fandom are not just a boys club anymore, it’s for EVERYONE! Characters like Rey, Jyn Erso, Padme, and the OG BADA$$ Princess Leia have INSPIRED a new generation of girlies to be the HERO of their OWN story! Like THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! I saw so many families on the floor, parents excited to share this with their kids! I met the SWEETEST family from Alabama, the Mom and Dad had met in line at a Star Wars movie and they wanted to pass their love of these films onto their daughters! I spoke to a LOT of little girls dressed as Rey, one of them told me that Rey was THE BEST character because “She didn’t know what she was doing, but she still tried really hard.” LIKE YUP! That’s incredible. The future truly is female, and we’re gonna be wielding a lightsaber! LOL! 

These are some of my FAV costumes from Celebration but OMG seriously EVERYONE who cosplayed looked incredible! Y’ALL ARE THE REAL MVPS FER SURE! 

The Naboo Dress is a CLASSIC and one of my FAV Star Wars dresses EVER!
Rey made ENTIRELY out of Legos!
This little girl kicking some Darth Vader BUTT! YAS KWEEN! Slay all Day!
I LURV this because all three of these cosplayers are GIRLS and they LOOK INCREDIBLE! YAS!
Princess Power!
LOL, just a little fandom overlap!
NAILED the Rey Pose!
The Force is STRONG in this family!
She’s got that Leia look DOWN!
I can’t even with this one, SO GOOD!
Beach Day!
Shoot the Trooper!
This family was SO CUTE!
This Can-Can Rebel Fighter is LIT!
Darkwing Jedi in the HOUSE!

ANYWAY, all this to say I had a GREAT time at Star Wars Celebration, and can’t WAIT for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters THIS DECEMBER!

Did you attend Star Wars Celebration this year? GIVE ME YOUR HIGHLIGHTS! 

XOXO – Shachi