WHAT IS UP GIRLZ! It’s Shachi, and the last few days have been SO amazing I just had to share how MUCH I LURV SPRING! At the beginning of the month I shared my Spring Bucket List, I’ve slowly been checking items off the list and adding new adventures! There is something ABOUT SPRING that just makes me want to EXPLORE and put myself out there!

I can be a bit…closed off at times, it takes me a while to warm up to people and sometimes I have to be FORCED to try new things, lol, but once I do I’m usually like YAS! I should have been doing this all along! These #SpringVibes got me like OUT and ABOUT and SMILING – kind of like all these flowers that are JUST opening up for the first time!

The other day I was strolling down 5th Ave and I noticed these GORG tulips were planted ALL OVER THE PLACE! Even in this concrete jungle, the flowers bloom! I’m sure there is some sort of metaphor in there somewhere, you can take it as you will!

As for me, I’m just gonna take them as a reminder to keep my heart open! So bring on the longer days, warmer nights, and brighter flowers! I’M SO HERE FOR IT!

What do you LURV about Spring?! Share in the comments!

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