Hi gurllls, it’s Shachi here! Since Fashion Week is over and we’re still in NYC, I spent the day doing one of my FAV tourist activities – finding dope murals around the city. In case you’re wondering, a mural is basically like a painting, but instead of canvas it’s on a wall. I’m really into murals – especially outdoor ones. Whenever I fly to a new city, I like to spend my time walking around outside and checking out the street art. At home I make a lot of my own art too, but I mostly do graffiti-style.

See my collage? I chose 5 outdoor murals that I was really feeling -I had to take some snaps for you to see!! It’s crazy because in the pics they don’t even look like they’re drawn on brick! The real cool thing about art is that it can mean a lot of different things to different people. One person might see a painting, or a sculpture and not get it at all, whereas another person sees the same thing and really feels a connection to it -and might even see a deeper meaning behind it. I believe that almost all art has a deeper meaning, you just gotta look real hard and maybe you’ll find it 🙂

One of my FAVS was the mural with the big red lips! I’m into pop-art and this style feels just like that. The lips also kind of reminded me of myself: very loud and in-your-face! ;D The love wall was also dope – it just makes you happy when you walk by it! Plus it took up the entire wall of this huge building – super nice.

Of course I had to share the David Bowie tribute mural. I thought it was beautiful and a bit sad. You can’t tell in my collage, but when you look at the whole Bowie mural from afar, you see shadows of Bowie’s face behind the main image. I thought that was really cool – for me it kind of felt like a representation of Bowie’s different personas and musical genres. He was amaze <3

I also really love the little girl in the middle of my collage. I found her on the bottom of a wall, she was super little, but still popped out to me. I thought she was so cute, reading her little book on the wall in the middle of this crazy loud city! There are tons of cars honking and people everywhere, and there she is, just living “The Quiet Life” all happy. She reminded me a little bit of StelloGirl Adi!! -actually I gotta show that to Adi ASAP.

Lastly, there’s the image on the bottom right, with the cloud style background and a sick character drawn (or maybe glued?) on top. This was one of the coolest murals I saw today, but I couldn’t really figure out what it meant.

Maybe you girlies could help me out? What do you think of the girl with the green shades, floating on the clouds?


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