Hello my StelloGirl booboos <3 I wanted my post today to be about self acceptance. Do you ever feel like you know what people are thinking about you? Kind of like you automatically assume that other people are thinking negative things about you? Well I don’t know about you but this happens to me and my StelloGirls ALLL daaaaa time. It sucks because the truth is we have no idea what other people are thinking about us!!! I mean after all, we’re not mind-readers. The truth is that when we think other people are judging us, oftentimes it’s really just us judging ourselves!

Considering the fact that we spend more time with ourselves than anyone else in the world, it kind of seems a bit counter-productive to be mean and harsh to ourselves, don’t you think? That’s why self acceptance is the key!

Self acceptance doesn’t mean blurring reality so that we like ourselves more, and it doesn’t mean giving up on the things we want to change about ourselves. It means acknowledging our imperfections, and accepting them fully as they are in the present moment. It takes some time to perfect this, but in my opinion it’s super important. So remember girlies, the power is within your own mind. Once you accept yourself, other people’s thoughts and opinions, both the ones they say out loud and the ones you assume, won’t really matter so much !

When I accept myself I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me <3 xoxox- Yoyo

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