Hey girlies, it’s Justine!! I’m basically floating on a CLOUD these last couple of days thanks this gorgeous new addition to my CLOSET!! YAS YAS YAS! Over the weekend I TORE UP the Rent The Runway Sample Sale in NYC and girls IT. WAS. IN.SAAAAANE! 

There were SO MANY good things but I had my eye on the prize, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted – a Kate Spade handbag. Like I was NOT LEAVING THE PREMISES without one! LOL, trouble was it seemed like EVERYONE ELSE wanted the EXACT SAME THING! On top of that they were only bringing out the bags one at a time and placing them on a table and of course whenever they did that all us fashion lionesses waiting around the watering hole would POUNCE ON IT! So needless to say it was rough. I still can’t believe I got one! 

It’s actually pretty funny how I got it, they had just brought out TWO bags and right when I was reaching for ’em this other girl scooped both of them up! I was pretty outraged but then I noticed she didn’t seem sure about buying them, she was holding them up and kind of weighing which would be the better option for her. SO I just I just asked her if I could look at the Boat one, she handed it to me and…I just sort of…WALKED OFF WITH IT! LOL, hey it’s a SAMPLE SALE! You gotta do what you gotta do! Actually I walked away pretty slowly so if she had WANTED to stop me she could have lol.

I got a couple of other small things at the sale, a couple of casual shirts, but this was my BIG purchase! It was originally priced at $398 but I got it for $50!!! It’s actually 60% off right now on the Kate Spade website, if you want to get your own!

I’m just so PLEASED with myself that I had the confidence to just go throw myself into the fray and emerge VICTORIOUS!


Are you girlies interested in more posts and tips on things like Sample Sales? Let me know in the comments what you wanna see!!

XOXO – Justine

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