Whats UP GIRLZ! Yoyo here! I’m still re-living my time in RUSSIA!! I only just got home a couple days ago and I’m about to set off again for the Philippines…I guess you could call me a bit of a jet setter LOL! HEY, you gotta go where the girl power takes you, right?!

ANYWAY I just wanted to share these pics with you, it was so absolutely magical, words simply cannot describe! Like do you ever just experience a place and while you’re walking around you’re thinking “THIS IS IT. THIS IS INCREDIBLE!”

68635be3-2f0f-4773-9739-bd0f48bb75b2Well yeah…that was Russia during Christmas! There were like literally EVERYWHERE! It was like the whole CITY agreed it was going to be the most breathtaking place in the whole world! And they weren’t just any old lights on a house…oh NO!

75b879d3-3938-4520-bbdc-1d9688b120f6CHECK OUT that horse and carriage! FIT FOR A KWEEN OR WHAT?! I climbed in and was like YUP, ready to go to the ball now, THANKS BOYS!



It was so different than how I usually do Christmas back home, I never would have imagined it to be so magnificent! This is why EVERYONE needs to be able to TRAVEL! The things you learn, the things you SEE, it can change you! Because let’s keep it 100, who could possibly be a grumpy person after going through a LIGHT TUNNEL?! EXACTLY, NOBODY!

Have you ever traveled someplace that made you feel so ALIVE?! Let us know in the comments!

XOXO – Yoyo