As much as I LURV NYC, every once in awhile a girls gotta get to the country!! This week I’m gonna be post up in NAPA VALLEY on vacation with my fam! The energy here is like a COMPLETE 180 from the crazy aggressive vibes of New York! My city wardrobe doesn’t QUIIIIIIITE match up with the casual vineyard lifestyle, but that works out great because it gave me an excuse to FINALLY try out Rent The Runway! Have you heard of it? It’s basically netflix for REALLY nice clothes!

AMAZING RIGHT?! I’m going to do a FULL post on it once I’ve gotten a real feel for how the service works, but for now will you just look at this GORGEOUS DRESS that I probably wouldn’t have been able to wear otherwise?! 

I’ve been calling it my Runaway Princess Dress, but this pink beauty is from Halston Heritage and girls I was TURNING HEADS in this thing! The bottom half moves so beautiful I just could NOT stop twirling!

I spent the day roaming around the city of St. Helena, stopping at my dearly beloved Dean & Deluca for some matcha!

It’s funny, I basically never got to D&D in New York but whenever I’m in Napa I HAAAAVE TO GO!

Am I even really IN NAPA if I don’t take pics in the vineyards? LOL. You can expect a lot more of these type of pics while I’m here, though next time I probably won’t wear heels! I was SINKING into the ground the whole time, I almost face-planted into the dirt but HEY! GOTTA DO IT FOR THE ‘GRAM!

Napa is so gorgeous this time of year! I’m excited to share more pics from my trip with you all! 

What do you think of the dress girls?!

XO – Shachi

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