RuPaul Can I get an AMEN? YAS RURU YAS! It’s CRAY how often I hear the peeps around me wondering out loud, AGONIZING over why this boy or that girl doesn’t love them. And OF COURSE there’s always that one corny person that likes to say … “You know, NO ONE will ever love you, if you don’t love yourself.” LIKE DUR we’ve heard this before…. a thousand times. BUT BUT BUT I tend to DISAGREE.

Here’s why: Let’s be real -a lot of times we don’t love ourselves && someone else does. We don’t love our hair but in the eyes of someone else it’s pretty. We don’t think we’re talented but in someone else’s eyes we’re genius. You get the point 😉 A lot of times people see things in us that we don’t see in ourselves. So I don’t think it’s necessarily true that if we don’t love ourselves no one else will love us. They will. BUT that’s not really the point …. What’s more ON POINT is RuRu’s quote: If you can’t love yourself then how can YOU love somebody else?

If we don’t love ourselves truly, then we cannot 100%, in ALL realness love somebody else. See the thing is that we spend the most time in our lives with ourselves … well we actually spend ALL of our time with ourselves … ALWAYS. We know the inner workings of our brains, we know why we do the things that we do, why we’ve made the decisions we’ve made and YET we STILL have issues forgiving ourselves && truly accepting ourselves. Now THAT’S scarrrrrrry, b/c if we can’t acknowledge & accept our own imperfections, then how in the WORLD can we acknowledge and accept ANOTHER human’s imperfections??? When we dislike ourselves, we find ways to reduce that pain. We make ourselves colder, we push away bits and pieces of ourselves, we numb certain things, we hold back from ourselves. And if we do that to ourselves then TRUST that we do it to the people around us too – even the ones we love the most.

So STOP focusing so much on how much OTHER people love you and start figuring out how much YOU love YOU. Because in reality, that is the strongest form of love you can ever master. When you finally find && conquer self LOVE, you open up your ability to fully accept and love another person. Here at StelloGirls we love challenges. We challenge YOU to tap into your self-love. It’s not an easy challenge … but it’s doable && we believe in u girlies. XOXOXO –StelloGirls <3

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