Hands up, who’s had a root canal before?! Well before today I wouldn’t have been able to say I was one of you but LOOK AT ME NOW! Anything is possible if you have a MAJOR sweet tooth, and an addiction to peanut M&M’s and eat them even after you’ve brushed your teeth (WHOOPS, SORRY!).

It actually took me a REALLY long time to realize there was something wrong with my mouth area! I’d never had any trouble with my teeth before and not knowing what I was looking for made me think I was just getting sick, or having a BAD series of headaches! For the last two weeks there was this dull throbbing near the top half of my jaw and I just wrote it off as allergies or WHATEVS. Then came the EXTREME sensitivity to cold things and a HORRIBLE Pinkberry experience, so I was like OH HELL NO! I gotta get this checked out!

I gotta say girls, I’m a HUGE BABY and was SO NERVOUS when the dentist told me I was gonna need a root canal because, let’s face it, movies do NOT make it look like some sorta fiesta okay! I was FREAKED OUT! I thought I was gonna be in massive amounts of pain I told him dude, just knock me out. PLEASE GIVE ME THE GIGGLE JUICE I DON’T WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT! Unfortunately though…he didn’t.

The actual procedure only took like 45 minutes and he let me listen to my music while he was working away. It wasn’t painful (thank you novocaine), but it was uncomfortable because HELLO there’s all kinds of contraptions in my mouth! YIKES! The scariest part is that you can hear the drilling in your mouth! NOT COOL! But having my music playing really helped with that.

PRO TIP if you’re going to get a root canal, friggen SHUT YOUR EYES when they use the syringe to give you the novocaine. Yeah they’ll numb the area first so you can’t really feel it…but girl seeing that giant needle coming for your face is not ideal, feels like you’re part of a scifi movie to be honest, and NOT the good kind!

Anyway…I’m glad I got it done because I could NOT live without my Pinkberry, and it was such a great little lesson in NOT EATING CHOCOLATE BEFORE BED! That is no joke. And doing something that scared the *#&$ out of me made me feel brave and accomplished!!! Also flossing is apparently like a REAL THING, so learn from my mistakes and FLOSS IT UP. You’ll thank me in 30 years 😉

Anyone else super nervous about a procedure that turned out to be NBD? Let me know!

XO – Adi

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