Greetings GIRLIES, Rachael here! You already know my life revolves around TECH, and now it’s ALL ABOUT using tech to get the government to HEAR. YOUR. VOICE! Yas please I am SO HERE FOR IT!

The other day I was scrolling through Teen Vogue, (because OBVS we should ALWAYS be scrolling through Teen Vogue) and I came across this article about Resistbot, a “new service that turns your TEXT MESSAGES into faxes and sends them to your elected officials for you!” HOW. FREAKING. COOL. IS. THAT.

I am so in LURV with this idea, I’m only mad I didn’t come up with it first! It is so important, NOW MORE THAN EVER, to RESIST and make your voice heard! Of course CALLING your officials is super effective but sometimes their lines are busy or their voicemail boxes are full…and of course there are just some of us that H A T E talking on the phone even if it’s for a good cause! I mean let’s face it, it’s 2017. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

ENTER RESISTBOT! Your text can be short and sweet or long and personal, doesn’t matter! It will STILL go to your representative and you will be making a difference! I also love that Resistbot is a completely volunteer operation! It was created by people who are “deeply opposed to nearly all of the actions taken by the Trump administration.” So yeah…our country is being hit with some hard times BUT at least it’s inspiring a new generation of creators!

Read more about the bot at TEEN VOGUE and get out there and RESIST!

XOXO – Rachael