Namaste girls, it’s Victoria! At the end of every week I like to take a little time to just sit, meditate, and reflect on what happened. The good things, the bad things, in my personal life and globally! I think it helps keep me balanced and grateful for what I have but also reminds me to push myself to do better for myself and those around me.

They don’t have to be HUGE things either, some of the good things in my life that happened this week are little things like my friend bringing me a green juice at lunch time, or how BEAUTIFUL the first day of May was! I like to add the good things, no matter how small, because anything that lifts your spirits and makes you smile is worth remembering! Plus then I always have more of the good on the list than the bad things!

Even though my good things can be little…my bad things are always large. I don’t dwell on insignificant things to bring me down because I need to focus my energy on other things. For example, I need to remember how I didn’t do well on a test, and how that made me feel so that I can study harder and do better next time! But I don’t need to think about how I had a really bad headache a few days ago, right? Like how does thinking about that help me! For big things it’s like the recent vote in Congress over Health Care.

It’s scary and it’s horrible and I can’t be bogged down thinking about how I tripped and embarrassed myself in front of some strangers when I need to get fired up about what is happening my country! See what I mean? Use the bad things to MOTIVATE you, not bring you down!

IDK, it works for me! LOL. Try it out and let me know what you think!

OH, and girlies, if you’re wondering how to yell at your Representatives for voting yes on AHCA, check out this helpful article!

XOXO – Victoria

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